Friday, July 03, 2015

RIP Phil Walsh

WAKING up to the news that Phil Walsh was murdered overnight was pretty tough going for a lot of people. The coach of the Adelaide Crows football club was well-respected and had made an impact across other clubs during his career.

As an Adelaide supporter, I was personally shocked. From waking up to a text from my mother asking if I'd heard, to thinking he'd been in an accident, to then turning on the TV and seeing the headline 'Phil Walsh murdered', I couldn't quite believe it.

From a footy perspective, my father noted we'll never know where he could have led the Crows. He only came to us in October, we're sitting 7-5 and confident we can finish in the top eight. He had a tough attitude but a positive impact on the club. Across the various clubs he worked at, he made solid connections.

From a community perspective, this has hit Adelaide – heck, all of Australia – hard. Here you have a tragic story rising from a domestic dispute. A son motivated for whatever reason to harm his parents. A daughter travelling overseas only to hear about the horrifying news of murder from either a grieving relative or a news bulletin. It's unimaginable.

Even if it was someone with less of a profile this would be considered a tragedy. But the nature of the victim lends to greater coverage of the story, which today has been extensive. Personally, seeing the Seven Adelaide newsdesk presenting coverage on TV here in Darwin made the world shrink just that little bit more.

We can only think of Phil's greater family, friends and the club at this time. I would have loved to see the boys play in his memory on Sunday, but understand the pain of grief all too well to know they'll need that extra time to get back in the right headspace.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I've grown up hearing the saying 'everything happens in threes', and I've learnt it's not far off the mark. Many a time there have been three notable celebrity deaths within a short timeframe, or accidents, acts of crime. Or just the weird little things within an average day.

Today the latter applied to me, in a subtle but ultimately curious way.

Something in the universe is trying to connect me to the Adelaide Fringe. I don't know why, or what for, but the reason my home city comes to life in March wanted to make itself known to me today.

It started with a potential story I could do about a comedy show on there about three Territorians and their life up here. Having seen this in the guide in Adelaide a few weeks ago, I thought it was definitely worth writing about.

Then I met with a band for a story whose lead singer had picked up work in Adelaide for the next two months. Having the previous email in my head, I asked if it was Fringe-related. Sure enough, it was. So this guy will be hanging out working around the Garden of Unearthly Delights or someplace else just as cool.

It gets weirder.

After watching the Socceroos win over the UAE (to get to the Asian Cup final, which is fantastic), I go home and find Gluttony has followed me on Twitter. No, not a page tweeting the dealings of such a sin, but a major pop-up area at THE ADELAIDE FRINGE.

What is going on? I can't be home then, so why are you torturing me universe?

Maybe next year.